Practices, Research and Operations in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (PRO-WASH)


PRO-WASH, an initiative funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) and led by Save the Children, provided support to implementing partners in order to strengthen the quality of WASH interventions through capacity strengthening, knowledge-sharing and applied WASH research opportunities. PRO-WASH’s approach was driven by a commitment to empower BHA partners to become technical leaders in WASH, particularly for vulnerable and food insecure communities.

PRO-WASH supported partners in the four core areas:

Strategic Learning with Stakeholders:

Knowledge sharing forums, webinars, learning notes, blogs, and conference presentations aimed at lifting up WASH and IWRM best practices, as well as individual implementing partners’ experiences in executing high-quality programming.

Capacity Strengthening for Effective Program Application: 

Effective and context-specific opportunities for increasing the knowledge and skills of WASH and IWRM (and related) technical staff, through training, ongoing coaching, and peer to peer learning.

Developing & Distributing High-Quality Technical Resources:

Relevant and highly-accessible technical resources, aimed at providing evidence-based, user-friendly tools that can be adapted to specific program contexts. This includes easy to use quick guides, training packages, and short video tutorials that leverage adult education principles. 

Operational Research for Field-Viable WASH and IWRM Interventions:

Applied WASH and IWRM research aimed at addressing partners’ key research needs and offering solutions that are accessible and ready-to-implement. 

Click below to view a selection of PRO-WASH’s resources. The PRO-WASH guide is a one-stop shop for all the resources that have been produced by this activity. This includes WASH related online and in-person training packages, technical guides, learning briefs, video tutorials, and more.

PRO-WASH Resource Guide

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