Performance-Based Funding for Reliable Rural Water Services in Africa

A graveyard of failed water supply infrastructure across Africa points to the legacy of well-meaning but poorly-executed investments. The enduring problem is that providing maintenance services to rural and remote populations is not financially viable in many contexts. Without credible data on observed delivery costs, government, donors, private finance or other investors cannot allocate current funding efficiently.

This report highlights on major improvements in functionality of rural water infrastructure in Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda achieved by performance-based providers where rural water users pay a share of the costs. A global consortium provides evidence to support the case for a long-term, multi-country funding facility for SDG 6.1 delivery that "leaves no one behind".

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Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
Dr. Duncan McNicholl, Uptime
Prof. Rob Hope, University of Oxford
Dr. Alex Money, University of Oxford
32 pages
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