Office of Global Climate Change

Rising global temperatures pose new challenges for development. More intense heat waves, less predictable droughts and storms, shifting rainfall patterns and ocean acidification – these are just some of the impacts creating new risks for global health, disaster preparedness and food and water security. Many developing countries are facing multiple risks, which threaten to roll back previous gains and worsen poverty, insecurity and instability.

At the same time, global investment in renewable energy technologies has surged above $300 billion per year, making solar and wind power increasingly available and affordable. Clean energy promises to deliver multiple benefits, from greater energy security and access to cleaner air and new investment opportunities.

USAID's Office of Global Climate Change works to address climate change guided by USAID’s Global Climate Change and Development Strategy (2012-2018). It spans four types of activities, which come together to prepare countries to address climate risks and opportunities even as they pursue economic growth, stability and security.