Multi-Use Water Systems in Food Security Programs


Multi-Use Water Systems (MUS) is an approach to water service delivery that takes into consideration the needs of both WASH and agriculture activities. A MUS is designed to supply domestic water as well as water for productive uses, such as irrigating a garden or operating a small business, which can boost users’ resilience to unprecedented stressors, improve food security, and support livelihoods and economic activities. MUS is already a part of many USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)-funded Resilience Food Security Activities (RFSA), and RFSA partners have shown continued interest in improving the operation and sustainability of these systems. In response, PRO-WASH collaborated with the SCALE Award to initiate and fund research into key issues in MUS, along with RFSA partners. The focus will be on applied research, ideally resulting in tools, guidance, or findings relevant to multiple BHA partners and active projects supporting food security and WASH activities.

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