More Water for Everyone (Photo Essay)

Zulfa shows SPEED+ Water Manager Jaime Palalane the metering and financial systems used by her staff.

This photo essay was created by USAID in Exposure. USAID’s SPEED+ program (Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development) supports Mozambique’s National Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation in setting technical and quality standards for private water providers and implementing licensing regulations to allow businesses to fill a gap in public water systems. USAID also works with the Association of Water Suppliers of Mozambique to build the financial and technical capacity of private water providers through training courses and materials. With the support of this program 370 private water providers have been granted formal operating licenses, contributing to improved access to drinking water for nearly 400,000 Mozambicans. The Mozambique story demonstrates that the public and private sectors can work together in a complementary fashion to expand public service delivery in a financially sustainable manner. 

More Water for Everyone by USAID Publications on EXPOSURE