Mid-Term Evaluation of the Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI), Tanzania


USAID’s Tanzania Water Resources Integration Development Initiative (WARIDI) promotes integrated water resources management and delivery of services across multiple sectors, with the specific goals of improved water resources management, improved service access, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity conservation in Tanzania.

The purpose of the mid-term evaluation of WARIDI is assessing progress towards target results and examining the methods of project implementation, both of which will inform time-sensitive course correction and future design. WARIDI ‘s goal is improved water resources management and service access across multiple sectors. Activities are implemented in selected districts of the Rufiji and Wami-Ruvu river basins in Tanzania.

The evaluation team used a mixed methods approach, which included analyzing project documents and monitoring data, and gathering information through key informant interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders involved in, or benefitting from, WARIDI’s interventions. Using multiple sources of data allowed the team to triangulate information for cross-validation and gain better understanding of issues from different perspectives.