Massive Open Online Course: Resource Tenure, Climate Change, and the Environment

USAID's Land Tenure and Property Rights Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offers an intensive study track on land, resource tenure, and the environment.

Rights to land and resources are at the center of our most pressing development issues: poverty reduction, food security, conflict, urbanization, gender equality, climate change, and resilience. Secure Land Tenure and Property Rights (LTPR) create incentives for investment, broad-based economic growth, and good stewardship of natural resources. Insecure property rights and weak land governance systems often provoke conflict and instability, which can trap communities, countries, and entire regions in a cycle of poverty.

This year’s course examines the issues, theories, evidence, and best practices around land tenure, property rights, and international development programming. This course features interactive discussions, lectures, and case studies from a wide variety of experts in the field.

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Note: USAID staff need to register with USAID University to receive credit.