Liberia Energy Sector Support Program (LESSP) Performance Monitoring and Evaluation - Final Report

In October 2010, USAID awarded an $18.9 million, four‐year contract to Winrock International for the implementation of the Liberia Energy Sector Support Program (LESSP). LESSP was a four‐year program intended to increase access to affordable renewable energy services in geographically‐focused rural and urban areas to foster economic, political and social development. The LESSP contract was signed for a complete performance period of forty‐eight months with an end date of October 2014. 

The primary purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the assistance provided met stated development objectives and to understand the lessons learned from implementation of the LESSP. USAID/Liberia seeks a clear picture of program accomplishments and weaknesses, since inception, including management issues that can help inform and recommend changes in implementation approach to assure successful completion of the program objectives and the focus for future energy programming initiatives.