Indonesia WATER SMS Project: Improving Water Services in Indonesia through Crowd-Sourced Map Data: Mid-Term Program Evaluation

The USAID Development Grants Program funded Indonesia WATER SMS (IWSMS) project aims to address the lack of information, transparency, and communication among the numerous actors in the urban water sector, including residential water consumers, water utilities, local governments and the informal water sector by making available a highly accessible communication and tracking mechanism that relies on mobile phones (SMS), email and the internet. The WATER SMS system will enable two-way communication and information sharing between water users and water providers and result in the availability of crowd-sourced data, including maps, and other information useful towards making improvements in water services for the urban poor in Indonesia.

The project is a collaboration between three organizations, two U.S. based Nexleaf Analytics and Pacific Institute and PATTIRO, an NGO based in Indonesia. Pacific Institute serves as the contract administrator. This assessment seeks to provide a comprehensive mid-term evaluation of the Indonesia WATER SMS Project: Improving Water Services in Indonesia through Crowd-Sourced Map Data project. The mid-term evaluation included a desktop review of program documents, interviews with members of the projects Program Management Team (PMT) and two on-line surveys to assess the activities implemented by the project over the first eighteen months (December 2010 through May 2012) of the 3 year project. The evaluation focused on an assessment of: management factors and the collaboration among the three agencies; an assessment the major achievements of the project to-date in relation to its stated objectives and intended results; an assessment on progress towards the development and deployment of the WATER SMS System and an assessment of key factors affecting sustainability of the project. Suggested recommendations for the project are also included in the report.