High Five ("High 5") Programs Midline Household Survey

The Indonesian government launched the Community-Based Total Sanitation (CBTS) Program in 2007 to improve hygiene and sanitation practices in households, thereby reducing the incidence of diarrhea, the second leading cause of infant mortality. The program consists of five hygiene and sanitation pillars, namely:

  1. Stopping open defecation
  2. Washing hands with soap
  3. Household safe water treatment and storage
  4. Solid waste management
  5. Waste water management

The program was focused primarily on rural areas, where the emphasis was on Pillar 1 (stopping open defecation). Through the High Five Program, the Cipta Cara Padu (CCP) Foundation proposed that the program be extended to urban areas, thus contributing to the efforts to improve compliance with the five CBTS pillars in households and communities. 


High Five ("High 5") Programs Endline Survey