Good Water Neighbors - Final Program Report


The "Good Water Neighbors" (GWN) project was carried out in 28 cross-border communities in the region; 11 Palestinian communities, 9 Israeli communities and 8 Jordanian communities. Each community partnered with a neighboring community on the other side of the border/political divide. (See Table 1, on page 5, showing the partnering communities). The project utilized the mutual dependence on shared water resources as a basis for developing dialogue and cooperation. (See Table 2, on page 5, showing the communities and the shared water resource to which they are associated). In each community, field staff worked in close partnership with youth, adults and municipalities to create awareness of their own and their neighboring community’s water and environment reality. By undertaking concrete activities, highly relevant to the needs of the communities involved, the project aimed to promote common understanding as regards water and environment issues and build trust between communities as the basis for conflict resolution and peace building.