Global Waters Stories - September 2020


Gaining the Upper Hand Against COVID-19 in Three African Countries

Nearly 3 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water and soap in their homes. Two USAID sanitation programs are confronting this challenge head on using a market-based approach and established supply chains to increase the household supply of handwashing facilities and products in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ethiopia.

Podcast: Elevating the Role of Handwashing to Help Contain COVID-19

In the latest from Global Waters Radio, USAID's Tri Linggoatmodjo and Amuda Joseph discuss the ways the Agency has been promoting the role of handwashing in response to COVID-19 and the challenges they face as they work to create sustainable handwashing behavior change during the pandemic.

Strengthening Africa’s WASH Sector Capacity for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Through awards to six African countries, USAID’s Water for Africa through Leadership and Institutional Support project enabled government agencies to address key bottlenecks through the development of tools and decision-making processes to improve the performance of their WASH sectors.

Providing Safe Water in the Desert

Building both infrastructure and capacity is the focus of USAID activities in Egypt that are enabling service providers to expand their water and wastewater services to where they are needed most.

Dredging Up the Past: A Clean Riverbed is Changing the Lives of Turkmen Farmers

USAID's Smart Waters program is working with the farmers of Turkmenistan to protect their lands from flooding through a holistic approach to water management.