Global Waters Stories – September 2017

New Partnerships Find Water in a Drought
An innovative public-private partnership in northern Kenya is rejecting the “business as usual” approach to development. Every one of the five counties and 21 partners involved is a co-investor—of human capital, financial capital, software, equipment, or other organizational resources.

Bringing Water Where There Is None
The Bedouin tribes of Egypt’s North Sinai Peninsula once roamed the desert searching for water. Now, the water is coming to them.

Salamatu Garba on the Continuing Impact of Water and Development Alliance in Nigeria
In this Global Waters Radio podcast, Salamatu Garba reflects on the success of the Water and Development Alliance (WADA).

A Clean Break, a Fresh Start
Students, teachers, and USAID are teaming up to improve hygiene and sanitation facilities and practices in the classroom and beyond.

What's New on Stockholm Recap and More
A blog series summarizing USAID's participation in World Water Week in Stockholm is one of this month's newest website features.


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