Global Waters Stories - November 2020


Five Ways USAID is Supporting Sustainable Sanitation

Despite the demonstrated health, economic, social, and environmental benefits that sanitation improvements provide, governments consistently underfund and place a low priority on sanitation. Learn how USAID is working to close this sanitation gap through partnerships with the private sector and governments, capacity building, research, and a focus on the whole sanitation service chain.

Scaling Up Financing for Urban Sanitation in Senegal

USAID is working with sanitation service providers in Senegal to close the financing gap and with the local commercial banking sector to increase its understanding of sanitation investment opportunities.

Strengthening Drought Monitoring Across the Middle East and North Africa

The MENAdrought project is equipping water managers and engineers across the Middle East and North Africa region with the training, data, and tools needed to better respond to the next major drought.

Lessons from Tanzania: Maximizing Market-Based Sanitation’s Potential

The Water Resources Integration Development Initiative's collaboration with LIXIL demonstrates the need for market-based sanitation efforts to coordinate demand activation with product availability.