Global Waters Stories – November 2018 (Happy World Toilet Day!)


Backyard Cooperation Leads to Wastewater Treatment
With help from USAID, households in the Dominican Republic are turning to small-scale constructed wetlands to improve wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal.

Podcast: Tackling the Global Sanitation Crisis
Rolf Luyendijk and Portia Persley—thought leaders in the water and sanitation sectors and members of the Toilet Board Coalition—discuss the importance of improving sanitation this World Toilet Day.

From Satellite to Village, Turning Data into Action
An ambitious U.S.Government interagency collaboration celebrates 13 years of empowering rural communities to better handle environmental challenges and more effectively pursue sustainable development.

A Shared Vision to Keep the Water Flowing in Nepal
A community-driven approach is helping one village in Nepal improve its access to and management of drinking water.

The River Belongs to the People Who Live There
Gordon Mumbo brings a lifetime of experience to help cultivate transboundary cooperation along the Mara River Basin.


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