Global Waters Stories – November 2017 – Celebrating World Toilet Day!

Innovative Ghanaian Latrine Makes Sanitation Aspirational
Less than 15 percent of Ghanaians have access to basic sanitation. A plastic latrine developed in Ghana, known as the Digni-Loo, may help change that. 

World Toilet Day 2017: Q&A with USAID Sanitation Expert Jesse Shapiro
Jesse Shapiro recently discussed wastewater, USAID's sanitation work, and other topics related to World Toilet Day 2017. 

Bringing Scientists Together on Innovation
USAID is helping U.S. and Middle East and North African researchers collaborate to solve global water challenges.

Helping Latin America Build Resilience in the Face of Water Scarcity
A unique USAID water initiative has been working to help the LAC region become more resilient in the face of water scarcity and extreme weather events.

Nga Nguyen and Reshmaan Hussam on Incentivizing Handwashing Habit Formation
In a Global Handwashing Day-themed podcast, two behavior change experts take a deep dive into how learning and habit formation can lead to sustainable handwashing habits. 


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