Global Water Stories – October 2016

Sustainable Systems Link Urban WASH and Rural Agriculture
USAID Jordan has been taking an integrated approach that addresses the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs of Amman, while still providing the water needed for crops in the surrounding area and the Jordan River Valley.

A Better Way to Wash Hands Without Piped Water
Learn how a team of researchers developed the Povu Poa, an innovative handwashing station, with funding from USAID's Development Innovation Ventures program.

Podcast: Handwashing Behavior Change in Bangladesh
Robert Dreibelbis shares his experiences with a handwashing behavior change pilot project that used subconscious environmental cues called “nudging.”

Bringing Swachh Bharat to 4,041 Cities One Neighborhood at a Time
In this first-hand account, Global Water Coordinator Christian Holmes describes how USAID is supporting efforts in India to organize city-to-city exchanges to promote best practices for sustainable water and sanitation management.

Building Resilience in Cities Devastated by Typhoon Haiyan
USAID's Be Secure Project has been working in cities and towns across the Philippines to improve water management and better prepare communities to weather climate change impacts.

Podcast: Solar-Powered Desalination in India Shows Promise
Desal Prize winner Natasha Wright explains how her team's electrodiaylsis reversal technology could be an appealing fit for water-scarce off-grid communities in sun-rich areas of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.



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