Final Report - Sustainable Water Partnership


USAID's Sustainable Water Partnership (SWP) is a mechanism that aligns with and integrates key United States Government foreign policy goals, as well as USAID strategic priorities under the Global Water Strategy and Water for the World Act to build resilience to water security risks. SWP takes a holistic view of water issues, emphasizing the importance of engaging USAID Bureaus, Mission field staff, governments, and local stakeholders across sectors to assess, plan, and implement actions that address water-related risks at varying scales.

This report presents the work that SWP has achieved during its 5+ years implementation period (2016-2022): support on water security issues to USAID Missions in Pakistan, Southern Africa, Uzbekistan and El Salvador; field-based pilot activities to test and develop tools in Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania, as well as Associate Awards designed by the project in Nepal, Niger and Burkina Faso, and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras; and thought leadership to develop guides (the Water Security Improvement Toolkit series), case studies, technical reports and various communication pieces.

The report proposes lessons learnt and recommendations for water security programming, as well as technical briefs from its pilot studies.

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