Final Report: Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support Project (LWWSS)

The Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support project (LWWSS) ran from September 2009–October 2015 as part of USAID's commitment to improving and strengthening the water sector in Lebanon. The program worked directly with the four regional water establishments, providing technical assistance to strengthen their capacity to deliver high-quality and sustainable services. 

The overall purpose of LWWSS was to “provide technical services and related resources (such as technical equipment) to the four Lebanon water establishments and the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water in order to: build the capacity of their staff; increase their managerial, administrative, technical, financial and operational efficiencies; improve the quality of water and wastewater services; expand access to water and sanitation; and improve capital investment planning and asset management. Activities pertaining to urgent and critical infrastructure needs will be also included… to significantly enhance water and wastewater service delivery or access and coverage.”


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