Final Performance Evaluation - Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support Project & Litani River Basin Management Support


In August 2013, the respective Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) for the Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support (LWWSS) project and Litani River Basin Management Support (LRBMS) project requested a final performance evaluation of the LWWSS and LRBMS projects to analyze the extent of achievement of the program objectives, to evaluate its outcomes, to document successes, challenges, and lessons learned from the projects and to assess the WEs improvement of performance compared to benchmarks set under GIZ “Assistance to the Water Sector Reform” program. Finally, the Mission requested the final performance evaluation to analyze the extent to which LWWSS and LRBMS fulfilled the mission’s Gender Integration requirements and to analyze the overall sustainability risks associated with assistance to the water sector in Lebanon. The methodology used in the performance evaluation included: review of documents, key informant interviews (KII) and site visits.

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