Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security Project: Water Governance Scorecard 2019

The Water Governance Scorecard, a new resource from the Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security project, seeks to deepen USAID water discussions vis-à-vis resilience by spotlighting water use within the agricultural sector.

Ensuring smallholder farmers have reliable access to fresh water is the bedrock of increasing yields and supporting agricultural productivity—prerequisites for building sustainable livelihoods and resilience. A look to the legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks governing resource allocation reveals the systemic side of the water access equation. Thoughtful, effective national water governance plans are key to providing access to predictable and sufficient fresh water for smallholders.

Through engaging publicly available datasets on water use and governance from Feed the Future focus countries, the Water Governance Scorecard delivers comprehensive and comparative performance metrics for national water governance systems. Presented in an accessible format, the Scorecard will assist USAID Missions, implementers, and policymakers in identifying what gaps and opportunities exist for improving national water governance systems.