Evaluation - Year Two Summary Self-Assessment Hen Mpoano (Our Coast) Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance Initiative (ICFG)

This document summarizes the status of the ICFG project at its midpoint. It considers what has been accomplished and what has been learned in light of the goals of the project. It then suggests the adjustments that that should be made to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the project as it works to draw from experience gained, primarily in the Western Region, to detail a model for a nested governance system that addresses the priority issues for both coastal and fisheries governance in Ghana. This summary draws upon a self-assessment of the project prepared at the close of Year 1 (included in the Our Coast Our Future document), and selfassessments conducted with the project’s international and Ghanaian partners in March and July of 2011.

The central objective of the ICFG Initiative is to assemble the pre-conditions for a formally constituted and decentralized coastal and fisheries governance program for Ghana’s Western Region that can serve as a model for the nation. As an expression of the ecosystem approach, these preconditions include:

  • Clearly defined goals that resonate with stakeholders;
  • Constituencies that support such goals and a plan of action to achieve them;
  • Governmental commitment expressed as a mandate, the necessary authorities and the resources to successfully implement the program; and,
  • The institutional capacity to sustain the initiative on into the future.