Evaluation of the Health Services Program (HSP) in Indonesia

The purpose of this review is to provide a forward-focused evaluation ofthe USAID-funded Health Services Program (HSP) in Indonesia. The evaluation has two principal objectives:

  1. To achieve a thorough understanding ofthe outcomes and results ofHSP interventions and the effectiveness of HSP strategies in achieving results in the focus areas (advocacy, behavior change, role of private sector midwives, and technical support to the Government of Indonesia [GOl]). For evaluation purposes, effectiveness is defined by the extent to which results are (1) replicable; (2) sustainable by the GO! and local partners; (3) consistent with GO! national and subnational policies and programs; and (4) perceived as collaborative by GO! and civil society partners.
  2. To develop recommendations for future activities and implementation strategies for immediate and midterm time frames consistent with USAID/Indonesia's commitment to Ministry ofHealth (MOH) priorities in maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH) (i.e., achieving Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] 4 and 5); building health system capacity where it can be directly linked to positive impact on MNCH outcomes; working closely with a broad range of civil society partners; and forging productive relationships with the private sector.