Environmental Flows in Rufiji River Basin Assessed from the Perspective of Planned Development in Kilombero and Lower Rufiji Sub-Basins


Technical Assistance to Support the Development of Irrigation and Rural Roads Infrastructure Project

This report presents the environmental flow requirements determined for the Kilombero River Valley, with further consideration of environmental flow needs extending to the Lower Rufiji Basin and its floodplain-delta system. The Rufiji River Basin consists of the Great Ruaha, Kilombero, Luwegu, and Lower Rufiji sub-basins. It is targeted by the Government of Tanzania (GoT) for major socio-economic development over the next two decades as part of the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT). Water resources are central to development plans. If targets are met, irrigation water demand will increase by 7 billion cubic meters per year, and 2.4 gigawatts of new hydropower will be installed. 

The assessment was conducted in support of the USAID Irrigation and Rural Roads Infrastructure Project (IRRIP2).