Despite Hostile Terrain and Social Barriers - An Evaluation of the Better Health for Afghan Mothers and Children Project

The overall purpose of the final evaluation was to assess the extent of achievement of project objectives and to contribute to CSHGP’s learning on integrated community-oriented programming. Specific objectives were to assess the extent to which the project accomplished its objectives and targets, to describe key factors that contributed to what worked in the project and what did not, to inform future actions and contribute to global learning. The goal of Better Health for Afghan Mothers and Children (BHAMC) was to achieve sustained improvements in the survival and health of mothers, newborns and children.

The evaluation responds to three key areas contributing to this goal:

  1. Did BHAMC improve the health status of vulnerable target populations with increased knowledge, practice and coverage of key interventions; improved access to services, and quality and equity in service delivery?
  2. Was there increased scale of interventions: improved partner capacity and improved systems and policies?
  3. Did the project contribute to excellence in child survival nationally and globally?