CLTS Rapid Appraisal Protocol (C-RAP) Tool


A tool for rapid assessment of the practice of CLTS at scale

CLTS Rapid Appraisal Protocol (CRAP) is a diagnostic tool to review the quality and effectiveness of CLTS programming in a country. The success of CLTS in triggering communities for collective behaviour change has been a global phenomenon. However achieving scale in a planned, coordinated and consistent manner to move beyond ODF villages towards generating ODF districts, regions and nations has been challenging. Furthermore, wide variations have been found in the quality of implementation, rolling out and outcomes across different countries.

This tool from the  and UNICEF aims to set a common basic standard for CLTS processes at scale and brings together essential elements for quality scaling up.

The full report is large (17.4 MB) so it's also available in three parts for those with slower internet bandwidth.