Afghanistan Water and Development Country Plan


Executive Summary

In a very difficult environment, Afghanistan is making steady progress in improving access to improved drinking water and sanitation. With strong donor support, the country is close to meeting its Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for improved water supply. Challenges remain in achieving targeted improvements in sanitation, sustainably expanding infrastructure access to the country’s rapidly growing urban population, reaching some highly vulnerable populations, and ensuring sustainable access to water supply sources. USAID is assisting Afghanistan in meeting its water supply and sanitation targets and improving hygiene behaviors in alignment with the Global Water Strategy (GWS) and the USAID Agency Plan through the Potable and Productive Water Project (PPWP), an integrated set of activities addressing water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs and related water resource management challenges. Five WASH activities are being implemented under this PPWP. Two additional activities are planned to begin in the coming year. USAID plans for these seven activities to utilize all expected new Water for the World Act appropriations for Afghanistan over the coming five years as well as the currently available funding. Overall, these activities are expected to provide over 700,000 Afghans with sustainable access to improved water supply, and help over one million Afghans gain access to an improved sanitation by 2021.