ADRA DRC Jenga Jamaa Final Evaluation, Eastern DRC MYAP

This report is an evaluation of Jenga Jamaa,  a Multi-Year Assistance Program carried out over a three-year period (June 2008–May 2011) and implemented by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International. It ipartnered with Africare under a cooperative agreement to reduce food insecurity among vulnerable populations in Fizi and Uvira territories in South Kivu province of the eastern Democratic Republic Congo (DRC).

Jenga (‘to build’ in Kiswahili) aimed to improve the food security and resiliency of 92 vulnerable communities in the Fizi and Uvira territories, and focuses on repatriated individuals and female-headed households. ADRA implemented activities in 60 communities in Fizi, while Africare is worked in 32 communities in Uvira.