Adapting to Climate Change in Eastern Indonesia - Final Evaluation Report

The final evaluation of the World Neighbors (WN)’s program “Adapting to Climate Change in Eastern Indonesia” World Neighbors (MW) was conducted for 24 days from August 12 – September 9, 2013, with field visits to 17 villages or 22% of the total 78 villages in the five Islands (Flores, Timor, Sumba, Lombok and Sumbawa) where the program is implemented.

The review methodology included a desk review of documentation provided by WN, a briefing session with WN in Bali followed by field visits. Independent external evaluators consisting of Joseph Viandrito (Team Leader) and Hening Parlan, were assigned to conduct the final evaluation, to review the World Neighbor’s programmatic activities to date, and provide constructive recommendations on the type and nature of climate change adaptation and disaster‐risk reduction initiatives that should be implemented in the future to build upon the successes achieved by the program.