2018 Sphere Handbook

The Sphere Handbook is aimed at practitioners involved in planning, managing or implementing a humanitarian response. This includes staff and volunteers of local, national and international humanitarian organisations responding to a crisis, as well as affected people themselves. The Handbook is also used for humanitarian advocacy to improve the quality and accountability of assistance and protection in line with humanitarian principles. It is increasingly used by governments, donors, military or the private sector to guide their own actions and allow them to work constructively with the humanitarian organisations that apply the standards.

Chapter 5 in the book, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Promotion, provides information on the essential concepts behind WASH promotion standards, including:

  1. Hygiene promotion
  2. Water supply
  3. Excreta management
  4. Vector control
  5. Solid waste management
  6. WASH in disease outbreaks and healthcare settings

The book is available as a pdf download or in an online format: https://handbook.spherestandards.org/