Turning on the Water: USAID Collaborates with Local Partners to Restore Water Access to Northeast Syria

Inside Syria today, 13 million people lack basic provisions, including water, food, and electricity. In addition, more than 5.8 million internally displaced people fled their homes and sought refuge in neighboring communities or regions. To address these urgent needs in areas previously under Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) control, USAID supports local officials to restore essential services through the Syria Essential Services II project (SES II). 

Since June 2016, USAID, through SES II, contributed nearly $45 million to support the rehabilitation of infrastructure and capacity-building activities throughout the country, and has worked in northeast Syria, particularly Ar-Raqqa, since September 2017. To date the project rehabilitated 34 wells and six pumping stations in the northeast, providing clean drinking water to more than 300,000 people.

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