Treating Wastewater as a Resource

In an increasingly water-stressed world, productive and sustainable use of a variety of freshwater sources has become more important than ever. The theme of World Water Day 2017 — wastewater—provided an ideal moment to pause and reflect on how this often maligned and misunderstood water source can be treated safely to improve public health and enhance quality of life. Thanks to technological advances in wastewater treatment and disposal, as well as improved sanitation management practices, many communities are even recognizing that water, once used, can still be put to productive use — making wastewater a largely untapped renewable freshwater source for increasing food production and facilitating economic development in water-stressed areas.

USAID invites you to travel around the world in the photo essay below to see how the Agency’s wastewater programming is helping improve sanitation access, increase water security, drive job creation, and create healthier, more livable communities for millions of people.

Click here to view the full photo essay in USAID's Global Waters magazine


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