USHA grantee JOY Initiatives conducts a community sanitation trigger session in Mpunge B village, Gomba district. Photo credit: USAID USHA

Meet the USAID Uganda Sanitation for Health Activity Grantees

Current statistics motivate local actors with experience, knowledge, and passion to move Uganda up the sanitation ladder. Teaming with homegrown partners, the USAID Uganda Sanitation for Health Activity (USAID USHA) is working towards an impactful change to the sanitation movement. Organizations that earned USAID USHA grants have already engaged communities- expanding awareness of improved sanitation and hygiene behaviors while identifying the right actors to deliver on toilet solution options. Success in attaining improved sanitation and hygiene will set Uganda on its journey to good health, dignity, and prosperity.

JOY Initiatives, a local organization based in Gomba and Mpigi district, supports community members to reach self-reliance. “We are a woman-led organization, where female interests are well represented in our activities. We practice a special interest in women because when you develop a girl, you develop a community,” proudly proclaimed Florence Nakaayi, executive director. A strong community connection falls in line with USHA’s goal to comprehend and appreciate local community members before engaging in sanitation interventions.

Working with existing structures in the community, Villa Maria Hospital Home Care Program is true to its historic mission “health promotion,” accelerating one of USHA’s main goals of promoting adaption of key hygiene behaviors at households and institutions. Florence Nansamba, program manager explains, “here at Villa Maria we are flexible and open to learning. We implement and follow up on our activities which, in the end, creates best practices throughout our community.”

American-based NGO Water Compass focuses exclusively on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector initiatives which fall in line with USHA’s main output of increasing household access to sanitation and water services. Kirwisa Matovu, M&E officer, explains, “We don’t have multiple projects. We specialize in WASH.” The organization also has relevant SATO products sale experience which enhances USAID USHA’s private sector development.

USAID USHA supports grantees to reach its goals of increasing household access to sanitation and water services, promoting key hygiene behaviors at home, schools, and health facilities, and strengthening district water and sanitation governance for sustainable service provision. These vital partner organizations share a vision in creating enabling environments that improve health and profit of people living in their own backyards—an improved sanitation vision that will last long after the project’s life.

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