Paul Isagara, Iganga Area Manager for the Uganda National Water and Sewerage Corporation, speaking at a customer engagement workshop. Photo credit: USAID/East Africa

Improving Water Supplies and Sanitation Services in East Africa

Proximity to Lake Victoria — the second largest freshwater body in the world — has not eased the water-related stress of the five East African Community (EAC) Partner States that surround it. Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda have all experienced rapid, unplanned expansion of secondary towns, which has increased competition for water. Urban water distribution systems are inefficient and suffer from excessive systemic water losses. These factors have left the region struggling to increase the resiliency and sustainability of its water and sanitation services.

Recognizing these challenges, the EAC Partner States established the Lake Victoria Basin Commission in 2004 to help improve water and sanitation service delivery in urban areas across the region. USAID’s Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research and Economic Development (PREPARED) Project works to strengthen the East African institutions that provide sustainable access to clean water and sanitation services. 

Click here to read the full article in USAID's Global Waters magazine.

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