Christian Holmes on WASH Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

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Christian Holmes is Deputy Assistant Administrator in USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment, and the Agency’s first-ever Global Water Coordinator. In his capacity as Global Water Coordinator, Holmes has been responsible for overseeing the Agency’s water programming portfolio since 2011.

As he departs from the Agency in January 2017, Holmes sat down with Global Waters Radio to reflect on his tenure, discuss USAID’s recent water and sanitation accomplishments, and share lessons learned.

Holmes reports USAID has made impressive strides with regard to the programming goals outlined in the Agency’s current Water and Development Strategy. Already, USAID has helped provide 6.8 million people with access to clean water and 3.2 million people with improved water management for food security to date. To ensure the sustainability of these gains, Holmes tells Global Waters Radio “ultimately it is the individual who receives the service that plays the greatest role in all of this, because it’s the individual that understands what they need, and understands how to utilize service.” This podcast was originally published in January 2017.

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