Global Handwashing Day 2020: Request for Photos

Girls showing their clean hands

Show us your hands!

Global Handwashing Day is around the corner, on Thursday, October 15, and this year’s theme is Hand Hygiene for All. With heightened global awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in slowing the spread of COVD-19, would like to shine a light on the efforts of USAID and its partners to improve access to and promotion of this vital hygiene practice. Please send us photos of handwashing in action, and we’ll feature a selection of images in our upcoming Global Handwashing Day outreach on and other Bureau for Resilience and Food Security Center for Water Security, Sanitation, and Hygiene products. 

Please email with up to five submissions. Note: By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to the terms outlined at the bottom of this announcement.


All photographs must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. EST (New York time), September 18, 2020.

Submission Guidelines

Who Can Submit: All individuals and organizations are welcome to submit, not just USAID and its partners.

How to Submit: You can send up to ten photos as email attachments to, with the subject line “Handwashing Photos.” If your photos are too large to send as attachments, please upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other sharing site, and include links to the photos in your email.

Include the following information in the email for each photo submitted:

  • Name of photographer, email address, and organizational affiliation (if applicable)
  • Location: Please include as much detail as possible. Must at least include city and country.
  • Caption:  A brief description of who and/or what is in the photo and what is happening, in no more than 2–3 sentences (30 to 40 words).

What to Submit: Photos must meet the following technical requirements:

  • Photos must each be original.
  • Photos must be submitted as a JPG or PNG file.
  • Please send the highest resolution photo possible (at least 1 MB and 1600 pixels wide).
  • No overlaid logo or text.
  • No photos sent inside a Word document or PDF.


USAID has the right to reproduce your photo in any format, including print products, on the web, and in social media. Please make sure you read the disclaimer below for full details.

By submitting a photograph you:

  1. Declare that you or your organization own the copyright of the photograph and that it is your original work or that you are authorized to share these photos.
  2. Declare that you have permission to use the visual image [PDF, 40KB] of any identifiable individual in the photograph for entry into the competition and that the image may be published as stipulated in the photo contest rules.
  3. Agree that USAID will not be responsible for the infringement of any third party rights in the photograph, moral or otherwise, that may arise as a result of your actions or omissions and that you indemnify USAID against all legal fees, claims, damages, and other expenses that may be incurred as a result of your breach of the contest rules.
  4. Grant reproduction rights for USAID use and in doing so, agree that USAID can use your photograph for the purposes of the competition and also for future reproduction on websites, literature, and any other materials at USAID’s discretion.