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Market-Based Sanitation Training Package

Market-based sanitation (MBS), through which businesses sell toilets and related services to households, is a popular approach to deliver sanitation products and services to low-income populations. The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Partnerships and Learning for Sustainability Project (WASHPaLS) project received several requests for training sessions and materials. In response, WASHPaLS developed a standardized training package for sanitation market development practitioners, consisting of presentations, materials for learning activities, and facilitation guides.

The package includes eight modules that focus on the sanitation market system as related to the enterprise (module series A) or specific elements of the system (module series B). Trainers are encouraged to review the modules’ objectives and formats to plan their training sessions based on the local context, knowledge levels, and intended outcomes for their audience.

The WASHPaLS MBS training package is an open-source product. Practitioners are welcome to develop derivatives and alternative content such as training plans, presentations, recorded narratives, new learning activities, and adaptations for virtual settings to benefit the practitioner.

Graphic displaying interrelations between sanitation markets, business environments, and the broader context of sanitation, demonstrating how the market-based sanitation systems work.

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Download individual modules:

Sanitation Market System A01. Introduction to MBS
A02. Designing MBS Interventions
A03. Sustaining Sanitation Markets
Sanitation Enterprise and Entrepreneurs B01. Designing Viable Enterprises
B02. Target Market Selection
B03. Appropriate Product Systems
B04. Activating Consumer Demand
B05. Understanding Different Delivery Models