Middle East

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The Middle East and North Africa contain 12 of the world’s 15 most water-scarce countries. USAID works with the public and private sectors to develop and implement new “water-smart” technologies, and seeks opportunities to improve sustainable access to water for 20 million people in the region. USAID water programming in the Middle East and North Africa targets local and cross-border issues that hinder efficient and equitable management of water resources.

Additionally, the Agency supports programs that expand access to clean water and sanitation to promote better hygiene and fight preventable disease; rehabilitate urban water infrastructure; increase water productivity in agriculture and industry; and utilize public education campaigns to encourage citizens to be responsible stewards of limited water supplies. USAID programming in the Middle East spans a broad region encompassing North Africa, the Levant, and the Arabian Peninsula, stretching from Morocco to Yemen. The sole Regional Mission is USAID Middle East; USAID funds water and sanitation programming in Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen.