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PEPAM (Programme Eau Potable et Assainissement)/ Millennium Water and Sanitation program

As in many West Africa countries, the availability of water governs the conditions of life for Senegal's rural population. A harsh climate and uncertain rainfall threaten food security and drive rural-urban migration, which further decreases food production while overburdening water and sanitation infrastructure and worsening social conditions. For years, these conditions have trapped the population in a cycle of poverty and disease.


Ghana Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene

Ensuring long-term sustainability of water and sanitation infrastructure interventions has long been a challenge in rural communities in Ghana. For years, significant investments in water and sanitation infrastructure have rarely translated to sustained access and use of services and achievement of improved health outcomes. Approximately 25 percent of water and sanitation infrastructure established in Ghana becomes non-operational after just five years, and a large percentage of the remaining facilities are either underutilized or diverted for other purposes.