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Water Currents

Water Currents: Water Utilities

This edition of the newsletter, focusing on water utilities, includes studies on how water utilities perform in Pakistan and several African countries, and features a report on why a water utility in Bangladesh has emerged as a model for public water utilities across South Asia. 

Water Currents

Water Currents: World Water Day 2017

Water Currents is produced biweekly by USAID’s E3 Water Office. Each issue contains recent news and articles on water sector issues, partner and donor updates, latest sector research, and a special focus on one topic. Please provide your feedback and suggestions by contacting the


Water Communications and Knowledge Management

More than 660 million people meet each new day without safe drinking water. One in three people still lack access to a toilet, and every day more than 350,000 children are born into a world that produces less food than it did the day before. Water is a vital resource not just for humans, but also for a variety of aquatic ecosystems, including wetlands, watersheds, rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in water-stressed conditions.


The Water and Development IDIQ

The Water and Development IDIQ (WADI) will support USAID missions, bureaus, and other operating units in implementing USAID’s Water and Development Strategy. Task orders implemented through this IDIQ will reflect the Agency’s strategic direction in the water sector, including improving health outcomes through the provision of sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene and managing agricultural water sustainably and more productively to enhance food security.