Regional Water Management Forum

USAID’s Regional Water Management Forum seeks to improve regional transboundary water management and promote sustainable management practices. The Forum promotes dialogue on water issues outside of high-level inter-government channels, particularly among academia and community-level water management structures. The Forum also supports access to modern water management techniques and improves water management skills for community technicians, scientists, policymakers, civil society, and local end-users. Information-based management of current and future water resources is a focus.


Central Asia Energy-Water Development Program

"CAEWDP was formally established as a trust fund in 2010 by the Government of Switzerland and the World Bank. The Program supports the Central Asian (CA) countries (Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) and the World Bank’s twin goals to reduce poverty and ensure shared prosperity through long-term economic growth and sustainability. By balancing donor support with national and regional objectives, CAEWDP is able to enhance cooperation and the promotion of integrated energy and water development initiatives at the regional as well as national levels.