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    Through an initiative called 'Waste Less Arugam Bay,' sponsored by USAID, the project provides free drinking water at refill stations, recycles plastic bottles, and promotes the benefits of reducing plastic waste.
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    Sustainable Solutions for Emerging Economies
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    This publication is a guide for government and city planners to identify financing mechanisms as they develop their own wastewater and sanitation projects.
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    This year’s Global Water and Development Report of Water and Sanitation Activities examines USAID programming through the lens of its new areas of focus and opportunity, takes a closer look at USAID’s support for partner countries
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    The purpose of the Regional WASH Innovation Challenge will be to identify innovative solutions to promote handwashing with soap that can be implemented to scale in the South Asia region. The promotion will focus on: Improving education and awareness of handwashing with soap, identifying the benefits of using soap, understanding of proper handwashing techniques, and critical times for handwashing; Behaviour change, resulting in and sustaining the increase of good practice of handwashing with soap, using proper techniques and at critical times; and Health impact where the incidence of diarrhoeal diseases and respiratory infections is reduced, improving children’s health and mitigating the risk of preventable child deaths.
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    For nearly 30 years, communities in Alankerny in northern Sri Lanka suffered the consequences of conflict and displacement.
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    From November 8 through December 31, 2010, a four-person team representing Social Impact (SI) and subcontractor, Management Systems International (MSI), evaluated Phase III of the South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy (SARI/E).