World Water Day 2017: Why Wastewater?

World Water Day 2017 - Why Wastewater?

World Water Day, held every March 22, is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of water and sustainable development and offers the opportunity to reflect on challenges met, and those that lie ahead.

The theme of the 2017 World Water Day celebration — “Why Wastewater?” — invites us to pause and reflect not only on the importance of water in our daily lives, but also to recognize the central and often overlooked role that proper wastewater treatment can play in fortifying water security at the local, national, and regional levels.

Water is a resilient resource; each drop contains an impressive productive potential that can be unlocked through basic water treatment and recycling techniques. Recycled wastewater can be used to flush toilets and water home gardens, irrigate farms, and facilitate a number of industrial processes before this reclaimed water is eventually recycled naturally through the hydrological cycle.

Proper wastewater treatment, disposal, and/or recycling necessitates infrastructure construction and maintenance, helping drive local job creation; meanwhile, entire communities benefit from improved wastewater management through improved quality of life and better public health outcomes.

USAID and its partners are reducing the number of people facing water insecurity and suffering from water-related diseases by investing in the infrastructure and technological advances that result in improved wastewater treatment and management. In honor of World Water Day, take a quick trip around the world to see how USAID is Treating Wastewater as a Resource.

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