World Toilet Day 2017

Schools in Zambia wait at the latrine. Photo credit: USAID/Zambia

On November 19, World Toilet Day will be celebrated around the world, drawing attention to the crucial role that sanitation improvements play in creating healthier communities.

The theme of this year's observance --- wastewater--- traces the journey waste takes from our bodies into the evironment and asks, "Where does the poo go?" Billions of people around the world live in communities with little or no effective sanitation treatment. Poo gets out into the environment and spreads killer diseases, seriously undermining progress in health and child survival. Even in wealthy countries, treatment of wastewater can be far from perfect, leading to rivers and coastlines that cannot be safely fished in or enjoyed.

In support of Target 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals, USAID continues to invest in sustainable sanitation improvements for schools, health centers, hospitals, and households to enhance public health and unleash greater economic potential in partner communities around the world. To learn more about World Toilet Day, please click here.


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