Webinar: Accelerating Inclusive Farmer-Led Irrigation Sustainably - July 9, 2020

Irrigation Webinar

On July 9, the second session of a 2-part webinar series on farmer-led irrigation (FLI) is organized by GWP, the World Bank, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute.

The session aims to:

  • Introduce innovations for sustainable use of water resources during FLI scale-up;
  • Explore options on how the private and public sector may share data to better assess the use and potential risks of depleting water resources as part of governance efforts in FLI;
  • Discuss innovative incentives, and institutional or regulatory frameworks to support inclusive and sustainable FLI.

The webinar speakers will explore key challenges such as underdeveloped irrigation supply chains and services; agricultural value chains for irrigated commodities and high value crops; high upfront costs and lack of access to finance; gender inclusion gaps in access to and benefits from FLI; and limitations in water resource governance. 

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