Water Trust/WASHPaLS webinar: Poultry management and WASH - March 9, 2021

The Water Trust

Poultry ownership in rural Uganda is associated with significantly higher rates of disease in young children, likely due to children's exposure to chicken feces as a result of poor poultry rearing practices. Research conducted in Uganda found that children in households with more than five chickens had an 83% higher diarrhea prevalence. This problem falls at the intersection of water, sanitation, and hygiene, livestock management, and nutrition, yet no sector is devoting significant enough attention to this risk.

Through a USAID-funded grant under the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Partnerships and Learning for Sustainability (WASHPaLS) project, The Water Trust developed and piloted an intervention that aimed to help rural households adopt poultry management practices that can reduce the fecal exposure of children under five while also improving the household's livelihood outcomes and protein availability. In this webinar, we will share our learnings from this project with the hope of spurring our counterparts in the public, non-profit, and private sectors to engage with this overlooked challenge to child health.

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