The Value of Water: Lessons learned from the USAID Resilient Waters Program, February 25, 2021

Resilient Waters Program

This webinar will examine the value of water (from both the perspective of the challenges faced in the region and what the Resilient Waters Program is doing to address these challenges) at the transboundary, national, and community levels. The webinar will feature the following presentations, followed by a facilitated Q&A session:

1. Introduction: an overview of the Program and its objectives
2. The value of water (Transboundary): challenges faced at the transboundary level, the value of water across our footprint, with a specific focus on groundwater; the establishment of Buzi-Pungwe-Save (BuPuSa) as a River Basin Organization.
3. The value of water (National): details the findings from GLAAS workshops and how these became activities – with a specific focus on the Botswana National Sanitation Roadmap and the Fecal Sludge Management Strategy for South Africa.
4. The value of water (Communities): highlights four key activities: a) Community-led total sanitation (CLTS); b) Climate-smart agriculture and fisheries; c) improved water security and local livelihoods through integrated catchment management; and d) Strategic Environmental Management Plan (SEMP)
5. What have we learned and how do we take it forward?

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