PRO-WASH: Request for Applications-Pathogens Pathway Study for Children under Two Years Old in Southeastern Madagascar


PRO-WASH is pleased to announce the release of the Pathogens Pathway Study for Children under two years old in Southeastern Madagascar Request for Applications (RFA). The activity will fund one award under this RFA up to $100,000 USD for a study period of up to six months beginning in August 2020.

This RFA is designed to provide innovative, context-specific research on strategies for interrupting fecal-oral transmission and reduce overall environmental contamination for BHA partners in Southeastern Madagascar. The resulting strategy from this RFA will be critical to supporting implementing partners to be able to validate which transmission pathways are most important in the specific context of Madagascar and to begin the process of piloting potentially promising, multi-sectoral WASH interventions. 

Submissions are due by 5 PM ET on August 12, 2020. Applications (to include proposal and detailed budget) must be submitted electronically to

For additional information, please click here.

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