POSTPONED - WASH Debate: Climate Adaptation in the WASH Sector: Distraction or Necessity? April 1, 2020

This edition of WASH Debates seeks to explore and discuss the urgency of climate change in the WASH sector and what different actors in the sector can do in the field of climate adaptation.

The event will showcase two seemingly conflicting stances. One where climate change is considered a distraction, preventing us from addressing more immediate and arguably more threatening issues. The other, where climate concerns are justified, incentivizing the need to build resilience and foster adaptation.

Specific objectives of this WASH debate are:
• To get a common understanding on the relative level of urgency in adapting to climate change in the WASH sector vis-a-vis the other issues it faces
• To sharpen the type of approaches and activities that the WASH sector needs to undertake to mitigate and adapt to climate change
• To identify the opportunities that climate change adaptation brings for structural improvements in the WASH system

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