Online Course: Water Integrity Principles and Concepts

Online Course: Water Integrity Principles and Concepts (Sept. 30–Nov. 29, 2019)

The critical weaknesses of the water sector can be solved only by providing a more transparent, participatory, and accountable water management. Integrity, accountability, and anti-corruption are critical in governing the resources and in providing quality service for all. Fighting corruption requires leadership and courage, but also demands knowledge of the phenomenon to stimulate new capacities and boost change in water resources management.

This online instructor-led course aims to create awareness and strengthen water governance through increased knowledge on how to improve transparency and accountability. The course explains the principles and concepts of water integrity and helps depicting concrete applications in the daily life of water experts. It is geared toward water practitioners, public officials, NGO personnel, and anybody else who want to contribute to increase the efficiency and integrity of water management. This course will take place between September 30 and November 29, 2019. Interested participants may apply online until September 7.

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